Robert Attali
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After almost ten years on the site, three years ago in 2012, it happened. Robert Attali appeared on my doorstep in the form of a book of drawings. Now it seems, every three years, it happens. Another book of drawings and, this time, paintings. The one on the left appointment book around paper made in France 2012 7.75"x5.75". The one on the right  paper around paper made in India 2015 11.5"x8.25".

Opened, every page meets the next, making one long work. 2012, if taken apart and laid together, would stretch over 47 feet. 2015 over 15 feet. For me, two of the most personal and amazing works I've ever received. As I will not take them apart, I'm showing below each book a page from that book.



Robert Attali moves across the world, from Cambodia to France to India, painting over collage on thin sheets of tin. His work doesn't suffer very well, helpless layers of pigment chipping easily off the antimony. The combination of papers, drawings, paint, surface and carelessness make for transient art that only sticks to the mind if not handled well. These are great vistas.