Art Post Basquiat
Most of the time, I want to look at art and pay attention to the art. Not to dimensions or disconnected artist statements or even idiotic biographies made up from flat memories. And I have a website for just looking at art at
But after a long time looking at art everywhere I go and since 1999 running that other site, I finally want to know more about the art and artist. I've begun to ask the artist to tell me what one of their  pieces mean or what  the whole body of work is about. So this site is used to explain an artist and one piece of their work.
I want an explanantion of a particular piece or working process over a long time. Too many times, artists will say "i dont like to talk about my work" and im starting to think that sometimes thats because theres nothing to it. Not always but sometimes. And i really dont want to focus on the unknown metaphysical explanantions like "I revert to my nature self and travel with the flow of the universe in my other self" because that might just be bullshit.
And why Art Post Basquiat? Don't worry about that, pay attention to the art....