Howard Tommy Mitchell

I first saw Tommy standing with a lady in a Victorian dress, he in a battle jacket covered in patches and sewn together like an honored memorial to space. All around him, on tables and on the floor, completely assembled, painted and drawn with more disassembled in bags were these spaceships. When I stopped to talk to Tommy, he never shut up. He acted like he knew me my whole life and like I knew what he was talking about because we had spent years talking over over about space and aliens. But we hadn't. I couldn't quit looking at the things all around him, all made from cereal boxes and margarine plastic, from Easter eggs and tape, carpet tacks and thumb tacks. I drifted in and out of his narrative but never stopped imagining space in one of his ships. The next time I saw him, he was seventy miles away at an Amish farmers market. I think I'm going to end up with dozens over time and the oddest thing for me is I'm buying them! I know Tommy wouldn't understand this site or the concept behind it so he's not aware that his work is here. Eventually I'll show him but I'm sure it won't interrupt for more than a second or two the space story he'll be telling me that day. All of these are made as Estes Rockets or powered in some way by a battery. I'll say more about Tommy over time but for now, please take a look at his work.
This is a blue ribbon award winner and a model of the Kecksburg,PA UFO. The top comes off and theres a parachute.

What you see in the portals and theres also an astronaut being experimented on. The top where NSSC is printed comes off with a second rocket.

The rotor is powered by a battery. I think part of it is a jello mold.

One of Tommy's best. Battery powers a fan underneath.