Norbert Kox

Our friend visionary artist Norbert Kox has passed away in Bimini, Bahamas. Please keep him and family in your thoughts.
I "met" Mr. Kox in November 2002 when he submitted artwork to this site. He sent me two of his works which are still on the wall here. I physically met him in June 2003 when he had an exhibition in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood. Mr. Kox welcomed me like we were old biker friends and showed me around the place. The gallery was a small late 1800's brick front but the exhibition was stunning and Kox's paintings covered the first floow walls.  I'll never forget him saying to me "I've got something to show you, it's never been displayed before, they made me put it here". He led me down narrow black stone steps to a hellish dug steelworker basement. There, in darkened court, was his Abortion sculpture of bloody dead babies and exhortations to stop the murdering madness. After the Lawrenceville exhibition ended, Mr. Kox asked me to take five of the larger works home with me until he could retrieve them. I lived in glory with the art every day for a few months, including the needle collaboration with Mr. Thompson. We met again at my house and off he went with the works. I spoke with him at times on the phone and through email and naturally I realize now it wasn't enough. I hope he is at peace with his Maker and held in a loving embrace.


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There exists an amazing depth of meaning to the art of Norbert Kox, more than even we can say. The visions Kox manages in his mind and then brings out on the surface explode up and out, hitting the viewer unprepared, unfolding like a dropped book or lit fire. We are honored to show his work on our site and encourage you to visit his own website.