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The painting below , I think, is one of the most important paintings I've seen this year or possibly since I started the site. Everyone has been affected but few have reacted by turning to the art of their lives...I'll let Plastorm say it best ....

"It was produced quickly and with a lot of anger. With two horrible shooting tragedies in one week, gun violence was weighing heavy on my mind. As I listened to one of my favorite political podcasts late into the night, this is what bubbled up..."    STOP! (or my gun will shoot)

Plastorm continues the advance through color to supports using multiple wood planes at times and metal sheets at others.

Robert Plastorm Fortney creates mythicons, colorfully drawn with caveman eyes and mathematician hands. His art has just now begun to show up again, freed from an earthly tether and immersed in the spirit of creation. As with one or two other artists down the years, we'll get to watch as he pilots a pigmented ship across our sky.