What Is Outsider Art?
Defining Art and Artists

In his time, Oscar-Claude Monet  pulled and pushed at least a hundred men and women with him as he blazed impressionism across canvas after canvas. Most of these artists are unknown to us, their ticks and bumps and quirks long lost save to the historians huddled amongst musty books,  peering through cracked paint.
Towards the end of his life, Monet doubted the appropriateness of the term impressionism if applied to the works of his contemporaries. He even questioned the existence of the Impressionist movement, a movement hailed as one of the greatest steps taken in the Modern Art world.
Today, as we stand before a painting from the movement, we sigh and exclaim "Ahhhh, impressionism!" We know the style, we know the texture and colors, the broad gestures of faintest mist. We no more doubt the existence of impressionism than we doubt our own, standing there. 
We do not need to know the artist nor the madness nor lack of funds nor heavenly genius. The home life, the dress, the lack of love mean little as we look across a landscape dream. "Ahhh", we sigh, "The Impressionist!"

And so, we think, will become the same of Outsider Art.
So easy to describe now as the color of madness, the vision of the infirmed and backwoods, the garish orange of an evening cloud, Outsider Art evolves continually as it scrapes its way through paint and wood and canvas. 
Pre-occupied now with the artists lives and ticks and quirks, we think in time the art will overtake its human definition and become its own, creating from nothing its own sighs and little steps back. Until then, we offer this simple, effective and open definition...
Outsider Art...Art From Outside The Art World.