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Who We Are
OutsiderArt.info is dedicated to my lifelong friend and only partner, without whose love I would surely fall out of time.

OutsiderArt.info and the International Outsider Exhibition of Modern Art (IOEMA) Collection celebrates works from around the world to expose the greatest array of art to the greatest array of people. I think of the site as an electronic 14 Rue Clauzel and sometimes, when late and dark, I hear Pere Tanguy laughing! The key to everything we do lies in the great artwork created by artists we are so honored to exhibit; without them, we would wander a vacant earth, an empty fist pointing at the moon.
Artists find their way here on their own, stumbling in through the dark internet fabric. We do not recruit. The submission page is simple. There is no board, committee, judges or jury. If I like the work or think visitors will, I put the work on the site. I only accept artist submissions. I only email back on submissions that I will exhibit. I do not charge a fee but all exhibited artists send an original here for me to keep. You can see some of the work our artists have sent here. Once accepted, an artist can expect to spend time on the front page and then remain on the site and have a gallery for some time.

Some of the artists are physically, emotionally or mentally challenged, some are not and some tear cellophane into little slivers of light. Our artists are self taught, schooled, some with MFA's and a few inspired; a half a dozen or so are true visionary and some stand fiercely in battle to fight with evil with color. They stick together what comes their way. Some paint what they see and hear and feel. Others paint what they want us to see of what they think they see. Some are mad.
The site design is simple to focus on the artwork and an absence of descriptive text. Clicking on the artists' own website link on their gallery page will get dimensions, medium and the like. Our artists sell their work through email, on their own site or any other means and keep all the money. We hope to open a physical gallery workshop in 2015, our 16th year, in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania.
I named the site OutsiderArt.info because I am far Outside The Art World and want to stay that way. I write, design and maintain this international outsider exhibition of modern art.

Mikey Welsh USA painting
Michael Hoffee USA paintings
Khara Oxier USA paintings
Julie Elman USA drawings
Stephen Judges UK/France paintings
Connie Sales USA paintings
William Thomas Thompson USA apocalyptic
Ian Pyper United Kingdom drawings/watercolor
Plastorm USA painting
Hegina Rodrigues USA-Brazil paintings
Jason Mamarella USA NYC public
Maciej Hoffman Poland painting
Marianne Roetzel Germany figures
Francesco Garieri France painting
Dushan Czech Republic
Michel Keck USA paintings
Mayuko Fujino Japan cut paper, shadows
Peter Stuhlmann Canada painting
Ana Sophia Griffin USA drawings
Jane Parker Australia painting
Talvi Winter Australia harnessed spirits
George Heslet USA discardartist
Louis Vuittonet USA painting
Reinder Oldenburger USA/Netherlands paintings
Thomas Robert Meyers USA captures
Stefan Bleekrode Netherlands pencil, paint
Glenn Brady Australia paintings
Norbert Kox USA visionary
Robert Attali Paris collage and paint
Steve Murison United Kingdom paintings and nightmares
Carol Es USA artwork
C Weaver CANADA! paintings and more
Judy Shreve USA painting, sculpture
Harry Teague USA painting
Garance USA/Switzerland visual work
Ben Hotchkiss USA paintings
Steve Bennett USA handmade original prints
Jack Oliver Wales drawings, paintings
Stephen Haigh USA painting, illustration
Billy Bob Beamer USA Drawing/environments
Jennifer C. McCarthy USA artchaeology
Andrew Zdziarski USA drawings
Elizabeth Frank USA Reclamation
Andrei Borodin Russia drawing
Jasna Nikolic Yugoslavia paintings, Icons
Jeffree Lerner USA paintings
Mitsi Brown paintings United Kingdom
Mary Zeman USA painting
Perry Morgan III USA paintings
J. Powers Bowman USA drawing, self-collaborations
Steve Waugh USA drawings
Aminath Hilmy Maldives drawings
Carl Downie USA painting
Jonathan Yimin USA artist
Matthew Thorsen USA images
Virgil Cantini USA
Emily Millard USA paintings

OutsiderArt.info is dedicated to my lifelong friend and only partner, without whose love I would fall out of time OutsiderArt.info exists to exhibit the greatest array of art to the greatest array of people. The site is an exhibition gallery only and makes no representation or warranty nor is a party/facilitator/guarantor to sales. All offsite links for informational purposes only. All contents copyright 1999-2015 John Yimin outsiderart.info except artwork copyright respective artists or their estates. IOEMA Collection owned by John Yimin  What is OutsiderArt?